Cable trays and accessories

ATENAU Ltd offered wide range of EAE cable trays, ladders, supports and fastening accessories for ladders.
Cable trays are produced on automatic production lines through the "FORMING" method. Standard tray length is 3m.
Length of E-Line UKS series pre-galvanized cable trays can be up to 6 meters subject to the quantity thanks to the "ROLL
FORMIN" method. This way, the number of additional sets and bolts is reduced and the labor time spent for the installation is shortened.
Pre-galvanized and Hot-dip products are manufactured by state- of-the-art full-automatic robotic systems.
Electrostatically painted products are also manufactured upon request. Due to its modern technology and high production capacity, is available reply to customer requests in the shortest time.
E-LINE UKFG-UKFC systems can be bolted together without requiring additional accessories thanks to the Snap-On system at its end sections. It provides great savings with the lowest thickness and lowest cost as well as shortest time during installation at construction sites.
Offered by ATENAU Ltd Cable Tray, Ladders, Support and Fastening Systems Product Groups include:
E-Line UKS Series Pre-galvanized cable trays
E-Line UKF Series Pre-galvanized / Hot-Dip Form cable trays
E-Line TKS Series Pre-galvanized / Painted Trunking Systems
E-Line TLS Series Stainless Steel or Electro-Galvanized Wire Mesh cable trays
E-Line CT Series Hot-Dip Galvanized cable trays
E-Line KC Series Hot-Dip Galvanized Cable Ladders
E-Line KM Series Hot-Dip / Pre-galvanized Foldable Cable Ladders
E-Line Supports and Accessories
E-Line Binrak Support Systems

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