Cables & Cable Accessories

Cables & Cable Accessories
ATENAU Ltd offers Pryzmian and Nexans cables and Raychem cable accessoeries.
When purchasing cables, you want reliability and peak performance built-in. Prysmian and Nexans, which products are offered and used by ATENAU Ltd for power and information distribution and control, have unrivalled typies and specifications of cables that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Offered by ATENAU Ltd cables can also be tailor-made for more detailed specifications, as and when our customers need it.
ATENAU Ltd offers below indicated typies Prysmian and NEXANS  brand cables:
  • Low Voltage Cables;
  • Medium Voltage Cables;
  • High Voltage Cables;
  • Afumex Low Voltage Cables;
  • Fire Resistant Afumex Cables;
  • Optical Fiber Cables;
  • Copper Data and Telecom Cables;
  • Multimedia Solution & Antena Cables;
  • Signal and Control Cables;
We offer a range of reliable and easy-to-install cable acssesories manufactured by Raychem for connection and termination in cabling works. Offered by ATENAU Ltd products advance next-generation power solutions that endure and outlast the harshest conditions and help covering, protecting and connecting electrical power systems bring your biggest projects to life — safely and reliably. ATENAU Ltd offers:
  • Raychem Busbar Insulation Tapes;
  • Raychem Electrical Heat Shrink Tubings;
  • Raychem Power Cable End Caps;
  • Raychem Power Cable Breakouts;
  • Raychem Power Cable Joints;
  • Raychem Cable Terminations.

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