Plastic pipes and channels

ATENAU Ltd offers PVC cable ducts, conduits and mounting accessories of Mutlusan. The main feature of the cable duct and conduit is that there is no damage of cables. These products fully protects the cables without damaging them. Another feature is the aesthetic appearance. Under normal circumstances, the appearance of cables in the middle would create an unpleasant scene. But with cable channels, this problem is eliminated. The cables are hidden and arranged more correctly. Another feature is the ability to sort, which achives excluse bad image of cabling and that cables do not intersect.
Offered by ATENAU Ltd products are a higher level product due to Halogen Free and Carbon dioxide abcense technology. Since halogen-free offered cable ducts and conduits, also mounting accessories do not contain harmful components such as fluorine, they do not emit any toxic gases when chlorine, iodine, bromine or astatine come into contact with the flame. Therefore, they do not cause corrosion and oxidation in electronic devices and metal parts. Halogen-free, flame retardant cable ducts and conduits do not emit toxic gases such as dense smoke, hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide.

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