Power supply and control systems

Development, installation and commissioning of power supply and control systems is one of the global activities of ATENAU LLC. Our activities cover key management processes such as procurement control, design of power supply systems (layouts, single/secondary line diagram, control and protection schematics), project schedule control, site coordination (installation and building service, etc.) and commissioning works. We build and support primary and emergency power supplies for government and industrial / commercial clients. ATENAU builds both traditional and special designs for individual special facilities, power supply systems, including separate main and backup emergency power plants, high and medium voltage transformer substations, load switching, distribution and power factor correction panels, uninterruptible power supplies and a complex of these in various combinations. Innovative engineering processes and designs have allowed ATENAU to meet the special needs of our clients in very demanding circumstances, wide varied conditions. Typical solutions and innovative designs include:
  • Cost reduced solutions for power supply systems design;
  • Fast track project programs in line with the specific requirements from the Client ;
  • Solution to the increase capacity or (and) change functional possibilities and of a exixting power supply systems in line with the specific requirements from the Client;
  • In addition to our systems, we develop solutions for the automatic monitoring and control of energy supply using one integrated control system.
  • Power supply monitoring and control system (PSCS) is designed for automation of delivery, transformation, distribution and consumption of electrical power and achive:
  • Electrical power metering and energy demand planning;
  • Electrical power supply management;
  • Electrical power quality control;
Decision-support tools for optimization of composition, operation modes and planning of electrical equipment maintenance works based on analysis of the accumulated data concerning mode and energy demand parameters and equipment sate estimation. Our commitment to the quality of all individual elements and complexes in general, as well as our partners whose equipment we use in our developments, ensures that ATENAU Ltd creates the highest quality power systems every time.

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